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The Pros and Cons of Amazon’s Crypto Coin: Is It Worth Investing?

Amazon has released a new digital currency called Amazon Crypto Coin. It can be used to buy games, apps, and in-app purchases for devices using the Fire OS system. As an investor, you might be wondering whether or not this is something worth investing in. Here are some pros and cons of investing your time, energy, and money into Amazon Coins.


Why Amazon Coins Are Being Released

Amazon has never released a digital currency before. There are many different theories about why they are releasing the coins, but the most popular is that they are looking to compete with Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

The pros of investing in Amazon Crypto Coin include:

-Amazon Coins can be used to buy games, apps, and in-app purchases for your Fire OS devices.

-You can use them to purchase items on Amazon, which is especially convenient for people who use Prime.

-Amazon Coins are generally cheaper than other currencies.

-You can use them to purchase coins with your income.

The cons of investing in Amazon Coins include:

-Amazon Coins cannot be traded for other coins, which means you can’t transfer them or buy them with other coins.

-Amazon may change the value of the coins at any time.

-There are some restrictions on who can buy the coins.

-It may be difficult for some people to make purchases on Amazon with digital currency if they don’t have their own credit card or bank account.


The Pros of Investing in Amazon Coins

It’s better than the other digital currencies.

The introduction of Amazon Coin is a big step in the right direction for digital currency and shows that large companies and retailers are taking notice of the need for a more universal currency.

Using Amazon Coins is easy.

Amazon Crypto Coin is a universal currency that can be used on any device with the Fire OS system. So, if you’re an avid Kindle Fire user, this might be something worth investing in. It’s also very simple to use and makes it easy to purchase items from the Amazon app store.

You’ll get a discount.

Amazon will offer a 10% discount for purchases made with Amazon Coins.

The Cons of Investing in Amazon Coins


There’s not much support.

Amazon hasn’t made it clear how many retailers and vendors will accept Amazon Coin as payment, which means you may not be able to use it everywhere you want to buy things from.

It’s not available yet.

Since it’s only been recently released, Amazon Coin is currently only available in US dollars. In order to purchase coins, you need to have an Android device with the Fire OS installed or an iOS app called “Appstore for Android.”


The Cons of Investing in Amazon Coins

The biggest con is that it limits your buying of Amazon products.

Amazon Coins are only usable on the Amazon website and for Fire OS devices. If you want to buy something on the Microsoft website or Apple Store, for example, you can’t use the Coins.

Another con is that you can’t use the Coins to purchase physical goods.

The trouble with investing in Amazon Coins is that you’re limited to what they offer. You can’t use the Coins to buy items that are not on the Amazon website or Fire OS devices.

If you’re looking for a more versatile cryptocurrency, there are plenty of other options.



If you’ve come to the conclusion that Amazon Coins are something worth investing in, then you should know that Amazon Coins are only available for US customers at the moment. You can purchase an Amazon Coin pack of 500 coins for $4.99.

Amazon Coins are not available on the Amazon App Store for other countries, but they are on the Amazon Underground app store.

If you’re interested in learning more about Amazon Coins, you can read the full article here.