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5 Ways Amazon Could Use Blockchain to Revolutionize the Way We Shop.

Blockchain is poised to revolutionize the way we shop. It could change the infrastructure of e-commerce, making it more secure and trustworthy. Blockchain technology operates as an open, distributed ledger that records transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent manner. This means it can be used for anything from tracking medical supplies to ensuring food quality. If Amazon decides to implement this technology into its business, it could make shopping a much more enjoyable experience overall. Here are 5 ways blockchain could use to revolutionize the way we shop at Amazon.

How Blockchain Could Benefit Amazon

Blockchain technology has many applications, but most notably, it’s known for being the backbone of bitcoin. It enables financial institutions to work with one another without needing a centralized authority. This means transactions are tracked and verified by everyone on the network.

This kind of system is very appealing to retailers like Amazon who process high volumes of transactions. Currently, there are few options for retailers that would provide guarantees of authenticity and safety of their products. Blockchain could be adapted to address these concerns. Imagine if every item carried its own “digital passport” which proved where it was sourced from and when it was bought. You’ll know exactly what you’re purchasing because blockchain makes it easy for items to be traced back to their origins. That means no more worrying about getting fake goods or waiting weeks for your order to arrive because blockchain ensures all transactions are recorded in real-time.

Blockchain also has the potential to create a global marketplace that anyone can use, which is attractive to retailers like Amazon who want as many people as possible shopping with them. Blockchain will create an equal playing field so small businesses have access to the same tools as large corporations do – making ecommerce more democratic than ever before!

Price Transparency

The first way blockchain could revolutionize the way we shop is by providing price transparency across all retailers. When I walk into Target and see a shirt for $20, I have to wonder if it’s really worth that much. But with blockchain, I could scan the barcode of the product and compare prices from other stores as well as price histories to determine its worth. This would be very helpful when deciding to purchase something expensive from Amazon.

Improving E-Commerce Infrastructure

The easiest way that blockchain could be used by Amazon is to improve the e-commerce infrastructure.

E-commerce is a robust industry, but it’s not without its faults. Delays in shipping and delivery, defective products, and even stolen goods can become major problems during purchases. Blockchain offers a solution for these problems because of its decentralized database. It records all transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent manner. This means that blockchain technology can be used to store different types of data such as financial information, contracts, property deeds, medical prescriptions, food tracking and more. With this new system in place, it would be much more difficult for others to commit fraud because the database would only allow verified participants to access any kind of information. Blockchain could also help with delays in shipping and deliveries because all transactions would require approval from both parties before they’re completed. And if there was ever a problem with a product (such as an incorrect item or damage), then the seller or manufacturer could immediately identify where the mistake happened and take care of it quickly before other consumers were affected.

Price Negotiation

Price negotiation is often a time-consuming and tedious process. You have to call around and search for the best deal – not only that – but you also need to go through the hassle of physically going to the store and haggling with individuals. Blockchain technology could eliminate these hassles by making price negotiations instantaneous. Say you found a camera on Amazon at a discounted rate, but it’s out of your budget. You could easily negotiate with the retailer by simply asking for a lower price or requesting an extension on the offer.

With this technology, you don’t have to worry about wasting time calling other stores or going back and forth with other potential buyers. It would be as easy as sending a text message!

Creating a Better Customer Experience

Blockchain technology is designed to create a more secure and transparent customer experience. Consumers are demanding more transparency from businesses, and blockchain could provide that. With the transparency of blockchain, you will be able to see the entire history of your product, which might include where it was made, how it was packaged along with how long it took to get to your doorstep. This means you can see what’s actually in your food without having to contact the manufacturer or go through all their marketing spiel. You’ll know exactly what you’re putting into your body!


Amazon is one of the biggest players in the e-commerce industry. They are the go-to destination for many shoppers, but they are also an easy target for criticism. If they want to continue to dominate the market, they need to innovate. Blockchain offers a new way for Amazon to innovate—and thus an opportunity to revolutionize the way we shop.