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The Amazon Coin: What It Is & How To Get It

As Amazon expands into new areas, they’ve realized that it’s important to be able to reach more people by providing an alternative form of currency. Amazon Coin is their answer. It’s a type of digital money that can only be spent on Amazon and will help create a more seamless experience for customers. The coins are created with the customer in mind and provide a better way for you to digitally purchase items from Amazon while still being able to get discounts. Learn more about Amazon Crypto Coin, what it is, how you can get it, and what to do with it here!


What is Amazon Coin?

Amazon Coin is a cryptocurrency that Amazon has created. The Amazon Crypto Coin can only be spent on purchases on Amazon.

Once you’ve purchased coins, you can use those coins towards the purchase of items on Amazon.

You can also earn coins by making purchases.

Amazon is also looking to implement a two-factor authentication system for your account that will rely on Amazon Coin as an additional form of security.

Amazon Coins are basically rewarded for buying things on Amazon. You can get coins by either purchasing them or earning them through purchases.

When will I be able to get Amazon Coins?

Amazon is rolling out coins gradually, starting with a limited rollout of 100 coins to a limited number of people on the 1st and 15th of December.


How to get Amazon Coins?

In order to get Amazon Crypto Coin, you’ll need to open your Amazon account and link it to your debit card. Then, go to the Amazon Coin tab on the settings page and find the “Add Gift Card” option. Hit the “Create a New Gift Card” button, and then click “Add Funds.” A QR code will appear on the screen with the number of coins you’re supposed to purchase.

Once you have it all set up, you can purchase Amazon Coins from a variety of places, such as Coinstar and several different physical ATMs.

Which coins are available?

There are three different coins available in the U.S.:

Amazon Coins — Pre-loaded $10 worth of Amazon Coins, priced at $5.99. You can only use it for Amazon transactions. You can also buy Amazon Coins for $1.99.

Amazon Coins — Spendable on most non-Amazon devices and services.


Spending Coins

The coin is a way to shop and purchase products on Amazon. The coins are created from Amazon credits. You can have up to $10 in Amazon Coin. After that, you’ll only be able to purchase from certain Amazon marketplaces. There are a number of things to keep in mind when you’re spending coins to spend. You have to spend at least $10 to get your coins. You have to spend the same amount of time shopping before you can claim your coins. The time period starts the moment you log into your Amazon account.

What To Buy With Amazon Coins

If you choose to buy certain items from certain merchants, you can also get a discount! Some merchants give a 2% discount for people who shop with Amazon Coins.


Shopping with Coins

Amazon Coins are designed to be used as a currency for paying for items in the Amazon app or website, and from select third-party sellers that support the coin. Amazon Coins may also be used in apps, sites, and digital content across the Amazon ecosystem. You can also redeem Amazon Coins at over 100,000 participating gas stations and 7,500 participating 7-Eleven locations in the United States.

In addition, Coin can be used on Amazon-owned brands including Whole Foods Market, AmazonFresh, Amazon Restaurants, and many others. Amazon Coins may also be used to pay for products on Amazon websites worldwide. You can also use Coins to pay for 2-Hour delivery from Amazon Restaurants, Prime Now, AmazonFresh, and Amazon Prime Video.